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What is TLBF?

The London Bus Files is a website that endeavours to educate people from around the world about London’s buses, from the past to the present.

It also mainly focuses on the post-privatisation years, although some older stuff will hopefully be included.

It will take a while to do, and will be constantly evolving while new things happen and old things are rediscovered!

Some Basic Info:


Total fleet size, March 2021


The current age of the oldest bus


Garages and non-garage sites


The year first route was tendered



23.75 miles

The length of the longest bus route, route X26


Current number of routes

Route 24

The oldest unchanged bus route, running in its current form since 1912

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Latest News:

Update 13/04/22

Hello once again folks, its been a while since I’ve posted an update. It’s been an interesting couple of months for me, as I’ve had COVID (again!) and I’ve been doing random bits and pieces here and there. Some interesting things that I’ve done are: Page on special liveries Page on the hybrid trials PageContinue reading “Update 13/04/22”

Update 17/02/22

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something. Lots of things have been keeping me busy, and I’ve also been starting on some other fleets here and there. The key things to mention are: I’ve managed to secure some pretty rare photos, such as those of LJ56 ONO and SK07 DXS in their original condition.Continue reading “Update 17/02/22”


Welcome to the site! It’s pretty unfinished, but the long term goal is to provide as much data and facts about each batch of buses ever to grace London’s streets! It would be really helpful if any mistakes could be pointed out to me, as I would really like to make this as accurate asContinue reading “Welcome!”