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© Peter Horrex


This batch of 34 was new to Abellio in early 2020 for routes P5 and C10. Route C10 had a contract renewal, and route P5 was won from Go-Ahead.

They were the first new Caetanos in London after 15 years, the last being ECT’s (and later Abellio’s) KX05KFW.

Completed Files:

No files completed as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.RegGarageUsually Found On
1501BV69 KTTWLC10, P5
1502BV69 KTUWLC10, P5
1503BV69 KTXWLC10, P5
1504BV20 GNZWLC10, P5
1505BV20 GOAWLC10, P5
1506BV20 GPYWLC10, P5
1507BV20 GPZWLC10, P5
1508BV20 GOCWLC10, P5
1509BV20 GRFWLC10, P5
1510BV20 GOEWLC10, P5
1511BV20 GOHWLC10, P5
1512BV20 GOJWLC10, P5
1513BV20 GRKWLC10, P5
1514BV20 GOKWLC10, P5
1515BV20 GRUWLC10, P5
1516BV20 GRXWLC10, P5
1517BV20 GRZWLC10, P5
1518BV20 GSOWLC10, P5
1519BV20 GSUWLC10, P5
1520BV20 GSYWLC10, P5
1521BV20 GSZWLC10, P5
1522BV20 GTFWLC10, P5
1523BV20 GTUWLC10, P5
1524BV20 GTYWLC10, P5
1525BV20 GTZWLP5, C10
1526BV20 GUAWLP5, C10
1527BV20 GUCWLP5, C10
1528BV20 GUDWLP5, C10
1529BV20 GUFWLP5, C10
1530BV20 GUGWLP5, C10
1531BV20 GUHWLP5, C10
1532BV20 GUJWLP5, C10
1533BV20 GUKWLP5, C10
1534BV20 GUOWLP5, C10