1755-63 (OS19-27)

©Peter Horrex
©Shaan’s Transport Photos


This batch of 9 was new for route 309 in early 2012. They remain unique throughout London, as the only dual door fleet of Solos (not Solo SRs!)

They more or less stick to route 309, although can work some of HK’s other routes occasionally.

Completed Files:

No files completed as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.RegOld Fleet No.GarageUsually Found On
1755YJ61 MKAOS19HK309
1756YJ12 GVROS20HK309
1757YJ12 GVTOS21HK309
1758YJ12 GVUOS22HK309
1759YJ12 GVVOS23HK309
1760YJ12 GVWOS24HK309
1761YJ12 GVXOS25HK309
1762YJ12 GVYOS26HK309
1763YJ12 GVZOS27HK309