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©Tommy Cooling


This batch of 24 was new for routes 3 and N3 in early 2012. Following the introduction of LTs, the batch was displaced in 2016.

2414-22 have not yet been refurbished, and considering their age, will not receive one.

Completed Files:

No files completed as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.RegGarageUsually Found On
2414SN61 DGXQB344, 156, 345
2415SN61 DGYQB344, 156, 345
2416SN61 DGZQB344, 156, 345
2417SN61 DHAQB344, 156, 345
2418SN61 CXXQB344, 156, 345
2419SN61 CXYQB344, 156, 345
2420SN61 CXZQB344, 156, 345
2421SN61 CYAQB344, 156, 345
2422SN61 CYCQB344, 156, 345
2423SN61 CYEBC407
2424SN61 CYFWL381, N381
2425SN61 CYGWL381, N381
2426SN61 CYHWL381, N381
2427SN61 CYJWL381, N381
2428SN61 CYKWL381, N381
2429SN61 CYLWL381, N381
2430SN61 CYOWL381, N381
2431SN61 CYPWL381, N381
2432SN61 CYSWL381, N381
2433SN61 CYTWL381, N381
2434SN61 CYUWL381, N381
2435SN61 CYVWL381, N381
2436SN61 CYWWL381, N381
2437SN61 CYXWL381, N381