©London Buses 126
©Shaan’s Transport Photos


This batch of 29 was new for Abellio’s takeover of route 63 in 2021. They are unusual as they were ordered as high spec vehicles, and there was some news coverage of them.

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.Reg:Garage:Usually Found On:
3401LC71 KWJWL63
3402LC71 KWKWL63
3403LC71 KWLWL63
3404LC71 KWMWL63
3405LC71 KWNWL63
3406LC71 KWOWL63
3407LC71 KWPWL63
3408LC71 KWRWL63
3409LC71 KWSWL63
3410LC71 KWTWL63
3411LC71 KWUWL63
3412LC71 KWVWL63
3413LC71 KWWWL63
3414LC71 KWXWL63
3415LC71 KWYWL63
3416LC71 KWZWL63
3417LC71 KXAWL63
3418LC71 KXBWL63
3419LC71 KXDWL63
3420LC71 KXEWL63
3421LC71 KXFWL63
3422LC71 KXGWL63
3423LC71 KXHWL63
3424LC71 KXJWL63
3425LC71 KXKWL63
3426LC71 KXLWL63
3427LC71 KXMWL63
3428LC71 KXNWL63
3429LC71 KXOWL63

Fleet Notes: