3980 & MDL1, YJ60 GGE


3980 started as a London-spec VDL SB180 demonstrator for Arriva. The only photos of3980 with Arriva are on routes 233, 428 and B12. Interestingly, it carried Arriva Bus and Coach vinyls, as it was owned by the Arriva sales division. By July 2012 it had been returned, and was still there 1 year later.


Then on the 3oth of September 2013, it re-entered service with Go-Ahead on route 648, as their MDL1. During its London career, it mostly worked route 648, although has transferred between garages before. Its final day in service was 05/04/19.


It is now part of the Go-Ahead commercial fleet, and debuted in its new livery at Showbus 2019.