This batch of 7 was new in 2008 for route 293, which had been won from Quality Line. They were the only N230UB OmniCities in London, all others had been N94UB.

The route was lost to Quality Line (RATP) in 2018, which meant the end of the batch. And all were decommissioned. However, on 22/11/18 a fire destroyed 3 MECs based at MB. 561/2/5 were reinstated to replace all three that were destroyed.

565 was withdrawn a month in to the pandemic, however 561-2 continued on until September, when they were replaced by 3 surplus Streetlites. Once again it seemed like the end of this batch.

However, 561-2 were transferred to Go North East, to provide school extras in April 2021. They were withdrawn that July. This time it was the end, and both were due for scrap. 561, however, was saved and is now in preservation.

Completed Files:

No files completed as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.RegFate
561YN08 OASPreserved, 2021.
562YN58 BNASold for scrap, Sept. 2021.
563YN08 OAVWithdrawn May 2019. Stripped for spares and scrapped.
564YN08 OAWWithdrawn Sept. 2018. Stripped for spares and scrapped.
565YN08 OAXWithdrawn April 2020. Stripped for spares and scrapped.
566YN08 OAYWithdrawn July 2018. Stripped for spares and scrapped.
567YN08 OAZWithdrawn August 2018. Stripped for spares and scrapped.