©Peter Horrex
©Daniel Ortega


This batch of 12 was new to Abellio TF for route R70. They are one of only two batches of 10.5m E200MMCs new to London.

8321 was displayed at Busworld Europe in 2017, and as a result was the last of the batch to enter service.

The batch have Euro 6 engines and 4 speed Voith D824.6 gearboxes.

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.RegGarageUsually Found On
8220YX67 VDYTFR70, R68, 490
8221YX67 VDZTFR70, R68, 490
8222YX67 VEATFR70, R68, 490
8223YX67 VEBTFR70, R68, 490
8224YX67 VEFTFR70, R68, 490
8225YX67 VEHTFR70, R68, 490
8226YX67 VEKTFR70, R68, 490
8227YX67 VELTFR70, R68, 490
8228YX67 VEMTFR70, R68, 490
8229YX67 VEOTFR70, R68, 490
8230YX67 VEPTFR70, R68, 490
8231YX67 VEUTFR70, R68, 490