This batch of 9 was new in 2010 for route 100. Following the loss of the route in 2020 to Go-Ahead, they have since become spare. They are currently covering routes 367 and S4 at BC.

Completed Files:

No files completed as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.RegGarageUsually Found On
8321YX10 EBABC367, S4
8322YX10 EBCBC367, S4
8323YX10 EBDBC367, S4
8324YX10 EBFBC367, S4
8325YX10 EBGBC367, S4
8326YX10 EBJBC367, S4
8327YX10 EBKBC367, S4
8328YX10 EBLBC367, S4
8329YX10 EBMBC367, S4