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ADE40306-10 were new to Quality Line, which by this stage was owned by RATP. They remained at EB for most of their lives, before they were displaced by ex-Tower Transit vehicles.

They then moved to WK, although the majority moved back to TV to work their original routes, an indirect result of RATP’s takeover of routes 49 and X140.

The eventual plan, at the time of writing, is for the batch to move to WK to work school routes.

Completed Files:

Fleet List:

Fleet No.Reg:Old Fleet No.Garage:Usually Found On:Gearbox:
ADE40306SL14 LNDDD14TV406, 418, 467, 6556 Speed ZF Ecolife
ADE40307SL14 LNEDD15WK635, 696, 6976 Speed ZF Ecolife
ADE40308SL14 LNFDD16TV406, 418, 467, 6136 Speed ZF Ecolife
ADE40309SL14 LNGDD17TV406, 418, 467, 6136 Speed ZF Ecolife
ADE40310SL14 LNHDD18TV406, 418, 467, 6136 Speed ZF Ecolife

Fleet Notes:


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