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©Terry O’Neill


This batch of 20 was new for route 94 in 2010. They remained there for a number of years, before being swapped out for the ex-route 27 batch.

Nowadays they spend their days on routes E3 or H91. Some of this batch still has not been refurbished.

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.Reg:Old Fleet No.Garage:Usually Found On:
ADH45003SN60 BXXADH3VE3, H91
ADH45004SN60 BXYADH4VE3, H91
ADH45005SN60 BXZADH5VE3, H91
ADH45006SN60 BYAADH6VE3, H91
ADH45007SN60 BYBADH7VE3, H91
ADH45008SN60 BYCADH8VE3, H91
ADH45009SN60 BYDADH9VE3, H91
ADH45010SN60 BYFADH10VE3, H91
ADH45011SN60 BYGADH11VE3, H91
ADH45012SN60 BYHADH12VE3, H91
ADH45013SN60 BYJADH13VE3, H91
ADH45014SN60 BYKADH14VE3, H91
ADH45015SN60 BYLADH15VE3, H91
ADH45016SN60 BYMADH16VE3, H91
ADH45017SN60 BYOADH17VE3, H91
ADH45018SN60 BYPADH18VE3, H91
ADH45019SN60 BYRADH19VE3, H91
ADH45020SN60 BYSADH20VE3, H91
ADH45021SN60 BYTADH21VE3, H91
ADH45022SN60 BYUADH22VE3, H91

Fleet Notes:


Last Updated: 26/01/22