This once 29 strong batch was new for route 27 in 2013. They remained on the route until 2019, when they were replaced by route 10’s NBFLs.

Following that, they remained at V for route E3 before they were (mostly) swapped out for route 94’s SN60 ADHs.

Since then, some were used to gain route E1, some have remained at V for route E3 and some have ended up at RP for route 266.

This batch has also been involved in a few accidents, ADH45033 crashed into someone’s front drive and ADH45028 once crashed into the back of a lorry in Chiswick. ADH45038 has also been written off following a fire.

Completed Files:

(Refurbished) ADH45037


Fleet List:

Fleet No.Reg:Old Fleet No.Garage:Usually Found On:
ADH45023YX62 FAUADH23VE3, H91
ADH45024YX62 FCMADH24VE3, H91
ADH45025YX62 FDDADH25VE3, H91
ADH45026YX62 FDYADH26AVE1, H32, H98, N105
ADH45027YX62 FFBADH27AVE1, H32, H98, N105
ADH45028YX62 FFGADH28AVE1, H32, H98, N105
ADH45029YX62 FHAADH29AVE1, H32, H98, N105
ADH45030YX62 FHOADH30AVE1, H32, H98, N105
ADH45031YX62 FJDADH31AVE1, H32, H98, N105
ADH45032YX62 FJVADH32AVE1, H32, H98, N105
ADH45033YX62 FKEADH33AVE1, H32, H98, N105
ADH45034YX62 FKKADH34AVE1, H32, H98, N105
ADH45035YX62 FLHADH35AVE1, H32, H98, N105
ADH45036YX62 FMEADH36AVE1, H32, H98, N105
ADH45037YX62 FMGADH37AVE1, H32, H98, N105
ADH45039YX62 FNZADH39RP220, 266, N266
ADH45040YX62 FOAADH40RP220, 266, N266
ADH45041YX62 FPCADH41RP220, 266, N266
ADH45042YX62 FPFADH42RP220, 266, N266
ADH45043YX62 FPKADH43RP220, 266, N266
ADH45044YX62 FSEADH44RP220, 266, N266
ADH45045YX62 FSSADH45RP220, 266, N266
ADH45046YX62 FTDADH46RP220, 266, N266
ADH45047YX62 FTFADH47RP220, 266, N266
ADH45048YX62 FTPADH48RP220, 266, N266
ADH45049YX62 FTZADH49RP220, 266, N266
ADH45050YX62 FUTADH50RP220, 266, N266
ADH45051YX62 FUUADH51RP220, 266, N266

Fleet Notes:

ADH45038 was written off following a fire.

Last Updated: 26/01/22