©Terry O’Neill
©Terry O’Neill


DE20092 began its London service in late 2008 for a top-up on either route 272 or 440 from the now closed PK, Park Royal.

It later moved to the new Park Royal, RP and remained there until late 2019. It then moved to TV, where it remained until withdrawal.

DE20092 was refurbished twice, once in November 2015 and the second time somewhere between May and August 2019.


London Fleet NumbersRegistration:Garages Based At:Total Routes Worked:Gearbox:
ADL18, DE92, DE20092YX58 DXAPK, RP, TV72, 265, 272, 283, 419, 440, 665, C1, K2, S15 Speed Allison T2100