©Tommy Cooling
©Tommy Cooling


This batch of 11 was new for route X140 in late 2021. They work the route alongside RATP’s VHRs.

Completed Files:

No files completed as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.RegGarageUsually Found On
BCE47100LG71 DUUSOX140, 183
BCE47101LG71 DUVSOX140, 183
BCE47102LG71 DUYSOX140, 183
BCE47103LG71 DVASOX140, 183
BCE47104LG71 DVBSOX140, 183
BCE47105LG71 DVCSOX140, 183
BCE47106LG71 DVFSOX140, 183
BCE47107LG71 DVHSOX140, 183
BCE47108LG71 DVJSOX140, 183
BCE47109LG71 DVKSOX140, 183
BCE47110LG71 DVLSOX140, 183