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This large batch of 36 was new in 2018 for routes 70 and C1. They displaced the one year old SN17 E200MMCs and SN10 E200s from routes 70 and C1 respectively.

They were RATP’s second batch of electric buses, and followed on from the OCEs in fleet numbers..

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.Reg:Garage:Usually Found On:
BE37005LJ18 FJCS70, C1
BE37006LJ18 FJDS70, C1
BE37007LJ18 FJES70, C1
BE37008LJ18 FJFS70, C1
BE37009LJ18 FJKS70, C1
BE37010LJ18 FJNS70, C1
BE37011LJ18 FJOS70, C1
BE37012LJ18 FJPS70, C1
BE37013LJ18 FJUS70, C1
BE37014LJ18 FJVS70, C1
BE37015LJ18 FJXS70, C1
BE37016LJ18 FJYS70, C1
BE37017LJ18 FJZS70, C1
BE37018LJ18 FKAS70, C1
BE37019LJ18 FKBS70, C1
BE37020LJ18 FKES70, C1
BE37021LJ18 FKFS70, C1
BE37022LJ18 FKGS70, C1
BE37023LJ18 FKHS70, C1
BE37024LJ18 FKLS70, C1
BE37025LJ18 FKMS70, C1
BE37026LJ18 FKNS70, C1
BE37027LJ18 FKOS70, C1
BE37028LJ18 FKPS70, C1
BE37029LJ18 FKSS70, C1
BE37030LJ18 FKTS70, C1
BE37031LJ18 FKUS70, C1
BE37032LJ18 FKVS70, C1
BE37033LJ18 FKWS70, C1
BE37034LJ18 FKXS70, C1
BE37035LJ18 FKYS70, C1
BE37036LJ18 FKZS70, C1
BE37037LJ18 FLAS70, C1
BE37038LJ18 FLBS70, C1
BE37039LJ18 FLCS70, C1
BE37040LJ18 FLDS70, C1

Fleet Notes: