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This batch of 13 will eventually replace the ageing DEs on route 371, along with some BCEs. The majority had entered service at the time of writing.

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.Reg:Garage:Will Be Found On:
BE37041LG71 DSZFW371, 290
BE37042LG71 DTFFW371, 290
BE37043LG71 DTKFW371, 290
BE37044LG71 DTNFW371, 290
BE37045LG71 DTOFW371, 290
BE37046LG71 DTUFW371, 290
BE37047LG71 DTVFW371, 290
BE37048LG71 DTXFW371, 290
BE37049LG71 DTZFW371, 290
BE37050LG71 DTYFW371, 290
BE37051LG71 DUAFW371, 290
BE37052LG71 DUHFW371, 290
BE37053LG71 DUJFW371, 290

Fleet Notes: