This batch of 19 was new for route 46 in 2012. However, some were used (whilst debranded) on Olympic shuttle duties prior to entering London service. Route 46 was converted to electric in 2018, and this batch became scattered across garages.

The batch has Euro 5 engines and Allison T2100 gearboxes. They are 10.2m long.

Completed Files:

No files completed as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.RegGarageUsually Found On
DE1318LK12 AWUUXH13, A10, U1, U2, U3
DE1319LK12 AWXUXH13, A10, U1, U2, U3
DE1320LK12 AWYUXH13, A10, U1, U2, U3
DE1321LK12 AWZUXH13, A10, U1, U2, U3
DE1322LK12 AXAUXH13, A10, U1, U2, U3
DE1323LK12 AXGG95, E6
DE1324LK12 AXHG95, E6
DE1325LK12 AXPG95, E6
DE1326LK12 AXRG95, E6
DE1327LK12 AXSPB491, 234
DE1328LK12 AXVG95, E6
DE1329LK12 AXWUXH13, A10, U1, U2, U3
DE1330LK12 AXZG95, E6
DE1331LK12 AYFPB491, 234
DE1332LK12 AYGPB491, 234
DE1333LK12 AYNPB491, 234
DE1334LK12 AYPPB491, 234
DE1335LK12 AYZPB491, 234
DE1336LK12 AZAPB491, 234