Go-Ahead London Overview


September 1994: The Go-Ahead Group entered the bus market, following the acquisition of London Central due to privatisation.

May 1996: The company purchased London General, and the two companies adopted similar liveries.

September 1999: Go-Ahead purchased Metrobus, which operated two London garages. However in 2014, Go-Ahead brought these under London General’s control.

September 2006: Docklands Buses was acquired, and was absorbed under the London General branch. The brand name however still appears on buses.

June 2007: Go-Ahead acquired Blue Triangle

2008: Go Ahead’s current logo was unveiled, as part of a new corporate image.

October 2009: Go Ahead took over East Thames Buses. TFL had invited multiple operators to bid, and Go-Ahead was selected as the preferred bidder. Go Ahead brought these under London General’s control.

March 2012: Go Ahead took control of First’s Northumberland Park garage. The London General branch also took this over.


  • Go-Ahead is the largest London bus operator
  • The first battery electric buses, trialled on routes 507 and 521, were operated by the company
  • The company also operates the most diverse range of buses out of any London operator