Golden Jubilee, 2002

TA225 shows off its gold coat in Kingston. ©Peter Horrex

In 2002, the Queen reached her Golden Jubilee, 50 years on the throne. As a result, operators wrapped some of their buses into gold, to commemorate the occasion. In total, 50 were wrapped for the occasion (as well as an RT)

Each bus also had an advert covering the sides and rear, each with a slogan. There were five, which were:

  • Mayor of London- ‘There’s a great deal to celebrate’
  • Surf- ‘Celebrating 50 Spotless Years’
  • Felix- ‘Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?’
  • Marks and Spencer- ‘Over 50 years at the heart of the high street.’
  • Celebrations- ’50 years, Time to bring on the Celebrations.’

Please note, the following list below may be slightly incorrect, any corrections would be greatly appreciated!

Arriva London:

  • DLP2 T202 XBV
  • DLP50 LJ51 DJU
  • L170 7 CLT
  • RM6 VLT 6
  • RM25 VLT 25
  • RML2350 CUV 350C
  • RML2750 SMK750F
  • 5127 H197 GRO
  • VA157 H157 XYU

First London:

  • TAL951 W951 ULL
  • TN832 T832 LLC
  • VN94 T894 KLF
  • TN963 X963 HLT
  • TN1113 LT02 NVX
  • VN246 P246 HMD
  • RML2405 JJD 450D
  • 246 P246 HMD
  • SRM3 650 DYE

Go Ahead London:

  • NV58 R258 LGH
  • NV128 P928 RYO
  • NV175 R375 LGH
  • T172 CUL172V
  • AVL13 V113 LGC
  • PVL257 PL51 LDY
  • RML2283 CUV 283C
  • RML2305 CUV 305C
  • RML2499 JJD 499D
  • RML2648 NML 648F


  • RML2450 JJD 450D
  • TA1 S801 BWC
  • TA50 T650 KPU
  • TA96 T696 KPU
  • TA111 V477 KJN
  • TA140 V140 MEV
  • TA142 V142 MEV
  • TA409 Y409 NHK
  • VN95 R95 XNO


  • RML2431 JJD 431D
  • RML2620 NML 620E
  • VPL163 Y163 NLK
  • VPL188 Y188 NLK
  • VPL219 LK51 XGO
  • TPL268 LN51 KZC

London United:

  • RML2414 JJD 414D
  • RML2600 NML 600E
  • TA224 SN51 SZT
  • TA225 SN51 SZU
  • VP130 W478 BCW

Travel London:

  • TA5 V305 KGW
  • TA38 Y38 HWB

London Transport Museum:

  • RT4712 NXP 997

East Thames Buses:

  • 372 R372 DJN


  • 850 S850 DGX
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