MCM30084-92 (MCS01-09)

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This batch of 9 were new in 2016 for Quality Line’s operation of route 413, which they took over from Go-Ahead that same year.

In early 2021, it was revealed that RATP had decided to close down Quality Line and their depot in Epsom. This lead to route 413 being transferred to Go-Ahead.

The MCMs did not move with the route, instead they were refurbished and stored at WK from July to September 2021. They re-emerged on route 117 in September 2021.

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.Reg:Old Fleet No.Garage:Usually Found On:
MCM30084BV66 GXYMCS01AV117
MCM30085BV66 GXZMCS02AV117
MCM30086BV66 GYAMCS03AV117
MCM30087BV66 GYBMCS04AV117
MCM30088BV66 GYCMCS05AV117
MCM30089BV66 GYDMCS06AV117
MCM30090BV66 GYEMCS07AV117
MCM30091BV66 GYFMCS08AV117
MCM30092BV66 GYGMCS09AV117