OE1 debuted in London service on the 23rd of November 2015 with Go-Ahead at NX. It solely worked route 108 until the end of January 2016.

In February of that year, it moved to Arriva for its first stint at TC. It worked alongside their existing 64 and 15 reg MetroCity EVs. It was withdrawn in May.

It returned to Optare for modification works. It had another battery pack installed on its roof, and photos of it exist being tilt tested. It then made an appearance at the Euro Bus Expo in November 2016, alongside the MetroDecker EV that later became YJ17FXX.

It disappeared until September 2017, when it reemerged with Stagecoach as their 80037. It was trialled on route 165 solely until November of that year.

Photos emerged of it in January 2018 at Stagecoach Inverness. Whether it entered service there is unknown.

In April 2018, it entered service with Tower Transit. It solely worked route 236 during its time there, and was withdrawn that July.

In late July 2018, it re-entered service with Arriva. It worked route 312 solidly alongside its existing MetroCities. It was withdrawn that November.

In December 2018, it had a 3 day stint on route C10 with Abellio.

In January 2019 it reentered service with Arriva for one last time, and was withdrawn by the end of the month.

The last photo of it was taken in May that year, with the bus on the M1 on its way to Stagecoach South Wales ahead of their batch arriving. That batch was later cancelled.

The bus is still taxed, meaning that it is most likely still around somewhere!