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©Peter Horrex

Something new and different was displayed at the Londoner Live event on the 23rd of July 2016, and that was OM1. It is the 4th Optare MetroDecker built, and is diesel powered. It made its first public appearance at that event.


On the 2nd of August that year, it debuted on route 486. It was to be trialed for 6 months on the route. It ended up only operating on the route until the 31st of December that year.

In April, it reappeared with Autocar. The last image of it with Autocar was in May of that year.

©Tommy Cooling

In November 2017, it began service with Metroline. It did not track on iBus, and many people were unaware of it as a result. It was still there in February 2018.

©Peter Horrex

It was seen in March of that year with no legals in Camden Town. In October it was sighted with First South West on GWR rail replacement.


In Febraury 2019, it reappeared once more for trials with HCT Group. It worked routes 26/N26, 388, D6 and W13 and N550. It worked its last on the 10th of April that year.

It went on loan to First West Yorkshire from July to November 2021. It has not been since then, although it is taxed so is still around somewhere!