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This batch of 31 was new for route 134 in 2019. 30 remain in service on the route, although they can appear on route 317. They are not the most reliable, with a few off road at a time.

OME2654 has been fitted with LED destination displays, as part of a trial.

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.RegAllocated RegGarageUsually Found On
OME2650YJ19 HVAPB134, 317
OME2651YJ19 HVBPB134, 317
OME2653YJ19 HVDPB134, 317
OME2654YJ19 HVEPB134, 317
OME2655YJ19 HVFPB134, 317
OME2656YJ19 HVGPB134, 317
OME2657YJ19 HVHPB134, 317
OME2658YJ19 HVLPB134, 317
OME2659YJ19 HVMPB134, 317
OME2660YJ19 HVNPB134, 317
OME2661YJ19 HVOPB134, 317
OME2662YJ19 HVPPB134, 317
OME2663YJ19 HVRPB134, 317
OME2664YJ69 DFCYJ19 HVSPB134, 317
OME2665YJ19 HVTPB134, 317
OME2666YJ69 DFDYJ19 HVUPB134, 317
OME2667YJ69 DFEYJ19 HVVPB134, 317
OME2668YJ69 DFFYJ19 HVWPB134, 317
OME2669YJ69 DFGYJ19 HVXPB134, 317
OME2670YJ69 DFKYJ19 HVYPB134, 317
OME2671YJ69 DFLYJ19 HWAPB134, 317
OME2672YJ69 DFNYJ19 HWBPB134, 317
OME2673YJ69 DFOYJ19 HWCPB134, 317
OME2674YJ69 DFPYJ19 HWDPB134, 317
OME2675YJ69 DFUYJ19 HWEPB134, 317
OME2676YJ69 DFVYJ19 HWFPB134, 317
OME2677YJ69 DFXYJ19 HWGPB134, 317
OME2678YJ69 DFYYJ19 HWHPB134, 317
OME2679YJ69 DFZYJ19 HWKPB134, 317
OME2680YJ69 DGEYJ19 HWLPB134, 317

Withdrawn Vehicles:

Fleet No.RegFate
OME2652YJ19 HVCReturned to Optare/Switch Mobility. Now a demonstrator, and has been rebadged Switch.