©Peter Horrex
©Peter Horrex


This batch of 37 was new to Tower Transit for routes 23 and C3 in early 2021.

They became a part of RDTL in late 2021 following the merger.

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.Reg:Old Fleet No.Garage:Usually Found On:
OME46001YJ70 EVBOE34001X23, C3
OME46002YJ70 EVCOE34002X23, C3
OME46003YJ70 EVDOE34003X23, C3
OME46004YJ70 EVFOE34004X23, C3
OME46005YJ70 EVGOE34005X23, C3
OME46006YJ70 EVHOE34006X23, C3
OME46007YJ70 EVKOE34007X23, C3
OME46008YJ70 EVLOE34008X23, C3
OME46009YJ70 EVMOE34009X23, C3
OME46010YJ70 EVNOE34010X23, C3
OME46011YJ70 EVPOE34011X23, C3
OME46012YJ70 EVROE34012X23, C3
OME46013YJ70 EVTOE34013X23, C3
OME46014YJ70 EVUOE34014X23, C3
OME46015YJ70 EVVOE34015X23, C3
OME46016YJ21 EVWOE34016X23, C3
OME46017YJ70 EVXOE34017X23, C3
OME46018YJ70 EVYOE34018X23, C3
OME46019YJ70 EXAOE34019X23, C3
OME46020YJ70 EXBOE34020X23, C3
OME46021YJ70 EXCOE34021X23, C3
OME46022YJ21 EXDOE34022X23, C3
OME46023YJ21 EXEOE34023X23, C3
OME46024YJ21 EXFOE34024X23, C3
OME46025YJ21 EXGOE34025X23, C3
OME46026YJ21 EXHOE34026X23, C3
OME46027YJ21 EXKOE34027X23, C3
OME46028YJ21 EXLOE34028X23, C3
OME46029YJ21 EXMOE34029X23, C3
OME46030YJ21 EXNOE34030X23, C3
OME46031YJ21 EXOOE34031X23, C3
OME46032YJ21 EXPOE34032X23, C3
OME46033YJ21 EXROE34033X23, C3
OME46034YJ21 EXSOE34034X23, C3
OME46035YJ21 EXTOE34035X23, C3
OME46036YJ21 EXUOE34036X23, C3
OME46037YJ21 EXVOE34037X23, C3

Fleet Notes: