This batch of 16 was new in 2011 for route H37. They were the first and only London spec diesel Optare Tempos in London. Another batch had actually been ordered, however due to production delays this was cancelled.

In 2018 some were loaned to EB to cover the gain of route 293. Upon contract renewal, new buses were ordered to replace this batch. This was apparently due to there being no Euro 6 conversion available at the time. The last Tempo continued until May 2019, giving them an 8 year lifespan in London.

5/16 remain missing, whether they were sold or scrapped is unknown.

Completed Files:

No files completed as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.Reg2016+ Fleet No.Garages Based AtRoutes WorkedFate
OT1YJ11 EHGOT30201AV, EBH37, 203,
Sold to Trustybus.
OT2YJ11 EHHOT30202AV, EBH37, 203,
Sold to Trustybus.
OT3YJ11 EHKOT30203AVH37, 203Sold to Global Travel
OT4YJ11 EHLOT30204AVH37, 203Unknown
OT5YJ11 EHMOT30205AVH37, 203Sold to Lakeside.
Then sold to HireYourTransport
OT6YJ11 EHNOT30206AVH37, 203Sold to Go Coach.
OT7YJ11 EHOOT30207AVH37, 203Sold to Trustybus.
OT8YJ11 EHPOT30208AVH37, 203Sold to for use on
Traws Cymru services.
OT9YJ11 EHROT30209AVH37, 203Sold to Go Coach.
OT10YJ11 EHSOT30210AV, EBH37, 203,
Sold to Trustybus.
OT11YJ11 EHTOT30211AV, EBH37, 203,
OT12YJ11 EHUOT30212AV, EBH37, 203,
293, 418
OT13YJ11 EHVOT30213AV, EBH37, 203,
OT14YJ11 EHWOT30214AV, EBH37, 203,
293, H98
Sold to Trustybus.
OT15YJ11 EHXOT30215AVH37, 203,
Sold to Go Coach.
OT16YJ11 EHZOT30216AVH37, 203Unknown