©Terry O’Neill
©Terry O’Neill


This batch of 12 was new in early 2020. They are the last batch of diesel E200MMC ordered for London.

They were RATP’s first batch of buses with cameras instead of mirrors, They more or less stick to route K1, although they do stray!

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.Reg:Garage:Usually Found On:Gearbox:
SDE20303YX20 OLATVK14 Speed Voith
SDE20304YX20 OLBTVK14 Speed Voith
SDE20305YX20 OLCTVK14 Speed Voith
SDE20306YX20 OLETVK14 Speed Voith
SDE20307YX20 OLGTVK14 Speed Voith
SDE20308YX20 OLHTVK14 Speed Voith
SDE20309YX20 OLJTVK14 Speed Voith
SDE20310YX20 OLKTVK14 Speed Voith
SDE20311YX20 OLMTVK14 Speed Voith
SDE20312YX20 OLNTVK14 Speed Voith
SDE20313YX20 OLOTVK14 Speed Voith
SDE20314YX20 OLPTVK14 Speed Voith
SDE20315YX20 OLRTVK14 Speed Voith

Fleet Notes: