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This batch of 11 was new to Transdev in 2009 for route H32. 13 years later, they are still allocated to the route. The batch was refurbished in 2016, when they also received their new fleet numbers.

In 2021 however, they became scattered between garages due to shortages following route gains. The batch was fully back at AV following the Easter Holidays in 2022. They are due for withdrawal in 2023, following the loss of the route to Abellio.

The batch has Euro 4 engines and 5 Speed ZF Ecomat gearboxes.

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.RegOriginal Fleet No.GarageUsually Found On
SP40041YT09 BKASP41AVH32, H98, E1
SP40042YT09 BMOSP42AVH32, H98, E1
SP40043YT09 BMUSP43AVH32, H98, E1
SP40044YT09 BMYSP44AVH32, H98, E1
SP40045YT09 BMZSP45AVH32, H98, E1
SP40046YT09 BNASP46AVH32, H98, E1
SP40047YT09 BNBSP47AVH32, H98, E1
SP40048YT09 BNDSP48AVH32, H98, E1
SP40049YT09 BNESP49AVH32, H98, E1
SP40050YT09 BNFSP50AVH32, H98, E1
SP40051YT09 BNJSP51AVH32, H98, E1