©Terry O’Neill
©Terry O’Neill


This batch of 16 was new to Transdev in 2009 for route 65. The majority have/will be withdrawn, although SP40052-55 are due to stay at AV until 2023. The majority of those are currently at WK to cover for school routes.

The batch has Euro 4 engines and 5 Speed ZF Ecomat gearboxes.

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.RegOld Fleet No.GarageUsually Found On
SP40052YT09 BNKSP52WK116, 423, 635, 696, 697
SP40053YT09 BNLSP53AVH32, H98, E1
SP40054YT09 BNNSP54WK116, 423, 635, 696, 697
SP40055YT09 BJUSP55WK116, 423, 635, 696, 697

Past Fleet:

Original Fleet No.2016 Fleet No.RegFate
SP56SP40056YT09 ZCAWithdrawn
SP57SP40057YT09 ZCEWithdrawn
SP58SP40058YT09 ZCFWithdrawn
SP59SP40059YT09 ZCJ(In service, not for much longer!)
SP60SP40060YT09 ZCKWithdrawn
SP61SP40061YT09 ZCLWithdrawn
SP62SP40062YT09 ZCNWithdrawn
SP63SP40063YT09 ZCOWithdrawn
SP64SP40064YT09 ZCUWithdrawn
SP65SP40065YT09 BJVWithdrawn
SP66SP40066YT09 BJXWithdrawn
SP67SP40067YT09 BJYWithdrawn