©Peter Horrex
©Peter Horrex


This batch of 9 was new for route 329 in 2016. They are Arriva’s only batch of StreetDecks, other than the former demo, SW1.

Completed Files:

No files completed as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.RegGarageUsually Found On
SW2LK16 BYBAD329, 102
SW3LK16 BYCAD329, 102
SW4LK16 BYDAD329, 102
SW5LK16 BYFAD329, 102
SW6LK16 BYGAD329, 102
SW7LK16 BXJAD329, 102
SW8LK16 BXLAD329, 102
SW9LK16 BXMAD329, 102
SW10LK16 BXNAD329, 102