This batch of 10 was new to Metroline at W for routes 16/N16 and 139. They were all still going until early 2022, when 4 of the batch was withdrawn, presumably due to the lack of parts available.

The remainder are usually found on routes 139 and 210.

Completed Files:

No files completed as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.RegGarageUsually Found On
TEH1105LK60 AHVW139, 210, 643
TEH1108LK60 AHZW139, 210, 643
TEH1109LK60 AJOW139, 210, 643
TEH1111LK60 AJVW139, 210, 643
TEH1113LK60 AJYW139, 210, 643
TEH1114LK60 AKFW139, 210, 643

Past Fleet:

Fleet No.RegFate
TEH1106LK60 AHXWithdrawn.
TEH1107LK60 AHYWithdrawn.
TEH1110LK60 AJUWithdrawn.
TEH1112LK60 AJXWithdrawn.