The First Generation Hydrogen Buses


This trio of hydrogen buses were registered in December 2003/January 2004. This was part of a global trials from the EU, known as CUTE (Cleaner Urban Transport for Europe.)

They worked routes 25 and RV1 during their short time in service. They were withdrawn in January 2007, with the trial having been completed.

Following withdrawal, all 3 had their hydrogen equipment removed. This was due to the manufacturers reclaiming it for further developments of the technology.

ESQ64991 survives with the Science Museum Group. ESQ64992 was preserved although has now sadly been scrapped. Its blinds live on with a private collector. ESQ64993 was last seen at the LTM Acton depot, and is believed to still be there.

A grand total of 2 videos of these in service survive on youtube, and although they aren’t the best quality, they do help to describe what they were like in service.