Vantage Hybrid (2017)

©Tommy Cooling

In 2017, vantage Power converted six buses from diesel to hybrid. The buses were all B7TLs, however had differing bodywork. RATP’s VLP45253 and VLP45254 were converted (formerly known as VLP23 and 24 respectively.) Go-Ahead had WVL94 and 95 converted, and Arriva had VLA99 and VLA100.

The trials were not very successful, with most of the repowered vehicles working sporadically and breaking down whilst in service. As a result the buses did not last very long, and the majority have been scrapped by now.

©Tommy Cooling

VLP45253 worked from 04/07/17 until 17/05/18 and VLP45254 worked sporadically from the 16/11/17 until 09/07/18. Both worked routes 292, H14, 605, 618 and 619 and were based at BT.

WVL94 worked from 26/04/2017 until 23/12/2017 and WVL95 worked from 23/12/17 until 21/03/2018. Both mainly worked route 87. WVL95 remained in the commercial fleet until 2019.

VLA99 worked from 20/09/2017 until 22/03/18 and VLA100 worked from 06/11/17 until 31/12/17. Both worked route 123, however VLA99 also worked route 128.