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This (part of a) batch was new to First London for route 25. They later worked route 28, and were allocated to route 452 following the loss of that route.

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.Reg:Old Fleet No.Garage:Usually Found On:Gearbox:
VDW41001BJ11 DSZVN36102X4524 Speed Voith
VDW41002BJ11 DTOVN36108X4524 Speed Voith
VDW41003BJ11 DTXVN36123X4524 Speed Voith
VDW41004BJ11 DTUVN36124X4524 Speed Voith
VDW41005BJ11 DVGVN36125X4524 Speed Voith
VDW41006BJ11 DUYVN36126X4524 Speed Voith
VDW41007BJ11 DTNVN36133X4524 Speed Voith

Fleet Notes:


Last Updated: 29/01/22