©Daniel Ortega
©Daniel Ortega


RATP’s LJ15 VHs were built as two separate batches and as a result I have honoured this by this arrangement.

The first 20, VH45124-43, were ordered new for route 285’s contract renewal in 2015. The batch has moved around a fair bit since the route was lost to Abellio in 2020.

VH45130 was involved in an accident in Kingston in 2021, and has been VOR since.

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.Reg:Old Fleet No.Garage:Usually Found On:Gearbox:
VH45124LJ15 JYYVH24TV406, 418, 467, 61312 Speed I-Shift
VH45125LJ15 JYZVH25TV406, 418, 467, 61312 Speed I-Shift
VH45126LJ15 JZAVH26V/JE28, H9112 Speed I-Shift
VH45127LJ15 JZCVH27V/JE28, H9112 Speed I-Shift
VH45128LJ15 JZDVH28S4912 Speed I-Shift
VH45129LJ15 JZEVH29S4912 Speed I-Shift
VH45130LJ15 JZFVH30VORVOR12 Speed I-Shift
VH45131LJ15 JZGVH31S4912 Speed I-Shift
VH45132LJ15 JZHVH32X45212 Speed I-Shift
VH45133LJ15 JZKVH33FW65, 71, 8512 Speed I-Shift
VH45134LJ15 JZLVH34FW65, 71, 8512 Speed I-Shift
VH45135LJ15 JZMVH35SOX140, 18312 Speed I-Shift
VH45136LJ15 JZNVH36S4912 Speed I-Shift
VH45137LJ15 JZOVH37S4912 Speed I-Shift
VH45138LJ15 JZPVH38S4912 Speed I-Shift
VH45139LJ15 JZRVH39S4912 Speed I-Shift
VH45140LJ15 JZTVH40S4912 Speed I-Shift
VH45141LJ15 JZUVH41S4912 Speed I-Shift
VH45142LJ15 JZVVH42S4912 Speed I-Shift
VH45143LJ15 JZWVH43S4912 Speed I-Shift

Fleet Notes:

VH45130 was involved in an accident in Kingston in 2021.

Last Updated: 26/01/22