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RATP’s LJ15 VHs were built as two separate batches and as a result I have honoured this by this arrangement.

This small batch of 9 was ordered new for route 116’s contract renewal in 2015. 8 of these remain at WK to date, although 6 of these have moved to BT/CP to cover for routes 698 and X140.

VH45144, on the other hand, currently resides at S to cover route 49.

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.Reg:Old Fleet No.Garage:Usually Found On:Gearbox:
VH45144LJ15 LAAVH44S4912 Speed I-Shift
VH45145LJ15 LAEVH45BTX140, 69812 Speed I-Shift
VH45146LJ15 LAOVH46BTX140, 69812 Speed I-Shift
VH45147LJ15 LBAVH47BTX140, 69812 Speed I-Shift
VH45148LJ15 LBEVH48BTX140, 69812 Speed I-Shift
VH45149LJ15 LBFVH49BTX140, 69812 Speed I-Shift
VH45150LJ15 LBGVH50BTX140, 69812 Speed I-Shift
VH45151LJ15 LBKVH51WK105, 116, 42312 Speed I-Shift
VH45152LJ15 LBLVH52WK105, 116, 42312 Speed I-Shift

Fleet Notes:


Last Updated: 26/01/22