©Tommy Cooling
©Tommy Cooling


This batch of 6 was new for route 139. After the loss of the route, they were re-allocated to route 183.

They were taken off-road in mid-2021 before returning in February 2022. They were refurbished during that time.

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.Reg:Garage:Usually Found On:Gearbox:
VHR45203LJ16 MUVSO 12 Speed I-Shift
VHR45204LJ66 EZOSO 12 Speed I-Shift
VHR45205LJ66 EZPSO 12 Speed I-Shift
VHR45206LJ66 EZRSO 12 Speed I-Shift
VHR45207LJ66 EZTSO 12 Speed I-Shift
VHR45208LJ66 EZUSO 12 Speed I-Shift

Fleet Notes: