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This batch was new in early 2010 for route 237. They are able to appear on any of AH’s double deck routes, although some are restricted due to their older blindsets. They are also able to work routes from AH’s outstation, SG.

All are equipped with 6 Speed ZF Ecolife gearboxes, and all bar VW1034 did not receive their allocated registration plates.

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.Reg:Garage:Usually Found On:
VW1034LK59 JJUAH237, E2, E8, 81, 190, 120
VW1035LK10 BXCAH237, E2, E8, 190
VW1036LK10 BXDAH237, E2, E8, 190
VW1037LK10 BXEAH237, E2, E8, 190
VW1038LK10 BXFAH237, E2, E8, 190
VW1039LK10 BXGAH237, E2, E8, 190
VW1040LK10 BXHAH237, E2, E8, 190
VW1041LK10 BXJAH237, E2, E8, 190
VW1042LK10 BXLAH237, E2, E8, 190
VW1043LK10 BXMAH237, E2, E8, 81, 190, 120
VW1044LK10 BXNAH237, E2, E8, 190
VW1045LK10 BXOAH237, E2, E8, 190
VW1046LK10 BXPAH237, E2, E8, 190
VW1047LK10 BXRAH237, E2, E8, 190
VW1048LK10 BXSAH237, E2, E8, 81, 190, 120
VW1049LK10 BXUAH237, E2, E8, 81, 190, 120
VW1050LK10 BXVAH237, E2, E8, 81, 190, 120
VW1051LK10 BXWAH237, E2, E8, 81, 190
VW1052LK10 BXXAH237, E2, E8, 81, 190
VW1053LK10 BXYAH237, E2, E8, 190
VW1054LK10 BXZAH237, E2, E8, 190
VW1055LK10 BYAAH237, E2, E8, 81, 190