©Peter Horrex
©Peter Horrex


This batch was new for route E2 in 2010. They are able to appear on any of AH’s double deck routes, although some are restricted due to their older blindsets. They are also able to work routes from AH’s outstation, SG.

To this date, the only vehicle from this batch to have operated from another garage is VW1061.

All are equipped with 6 Speed ZF Ecolife gearboxes.

Completed Files:

No completed files at the moment.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.RegGarageUsually Found On
VW1056LK60 AEAAHE2, 237, E8
VW1057LK60 AEBAHE2, 237, E8
VW1058LK60 AECAHE2, 237, E8
VW1059LK60 AEDAHE2, 237, E8
VW1060LK60 AEEAHE2, 237, E8
VW1061LK60 AEFAHE2, 237, E8
VW1062LK60 AEGAHE2, 237, E8
VW1063LK60 AEJAHE2, 237, E8
VW1064LK60 AELAHE2, 237, E8
VW1065LK60 AEMAHE2, 237, E8
VW1066LK60 AENAHE2, 237, E8
VW1067LK60 AEOAHE2, 237, E8
VW1068LK60 AEPAHE2, 237, E8
VW1069LK60 AETAHE2, 237, E8
VW1070LK60 AEUAHE2, 237, E8
VW1071LK60 AEVAHE2, 237, E8
VW1072LK60 AEWAHE2, 237, E8