©Peter Horrex
©Tommy Cooling


This batch was new in late 2012 for route 24. However, they were replaced by NBFLs soon after, and rarely appeared on the route after July 2013.

VW1365-78 have ZF gearboxes, whereas 1379-88 have Voith. The Voiths are audibly different, if you listen carefully!

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.RegGarageUsually Found On
VW1365LK62 DKNPV83, 483, N83
VW1366LK62 DKVPV83, 483, N83
VW1367LK62 DLJPV83, 483, N83
VW1368LK62 DLOPV83, 483, N83
VW1369LK62 DLVPV83, 483, N83
VW1370LK62 DLXPV83, 483, N83
VW1371LK62 DMVPV83, 483, N83
VW1372LK62 DNDHD140, 182, 186
VW1373LK62 DNEPV83, 483, N83
VW1374LK62 DNUPV83, 483, N83
VW1375LK62 DNOPV83, 483, N83
VW1376LK62 DNXPV83, 483, N83
VW1377LK62 DOHPV83, 483, N83
VW1378LK62 DPESG81, 120, (AH routes)
VW1379LK62 DPUSG81, 120, (AH routes)
VW1380LK62 DPYSG81, 120, (AH routes)
VW1381LK62 DRVSG81, 120, (AH routes)
VW1382LK62 DRZSG81, 120, (AH routes)
VW1383LK62 DSESG81, 120, (AH routes)
VW1384LK62 DSUSG81, 120, (AH routes)
VW1385LK62 DSVSG81, 120, (AH routes)
VW1386LK62 DTNSG81, 120, (AH routes)
VW1387LK62 DTUSG81, 120, (AH routes)
VW1388LK62 DTVSG81, 120, (AH routes)