VW1817-40 (VN37865-88)

©Peter Horrex
©Daniel Ortega


This batch of 24 was new for route 427 in 2010. Following the departure of First from London in 2013, the route and buses passed to Metroline.

Following the loss of the route to Abellio in 2017, the batch was reallocated to route 207. Following the loss of that route in 2019, the batch became scattered.

The batch has never been refurbished, although some have been retrimmed. As a result, a fair few look quite shabby.

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Fleet No.RegOld Fleet No.Garage:Usually Found On
VW1817BF10 LSZVN37865PV83, 483
VW1818BF10 LTAVN37866PV83, 483
VW1819BV10 WVPVN37867PV83, 483
VW1820BV10 WVRVN37868PV83, 483
VW1821BV10 WVSVN37869PV83, 483
VW1822BV10 WVTVN37870PB231, 263, 307, W8
VW1823BK10 MEVVN37871HTW7
VW1824BK10 MFAVN37872HTW7
VW1825BK10 MFEVN37873HTW7
VW1826BK10 MFNVN37874HTW7
VW1827BK10 MFFVN37875HTW7
VW1828BK10 MFJVN37876HTW7
VW1829BF10 LSOVN37877PV83, 483
VW1830BF10 LSUVN37878SG/AH81, 120, E2, E8, 237, 190, 306
VW1831BF10 LSVVN37879PV83, 483
VW1832BF10 LSXVN37880HD140, 182
VW1833BF10 LSYVN37881PB231, 263, 307, W8
VW1836BV10 WVNVN37884PV83, 483
VW1837BV10 WVOVN37885Meal Relief
VW1838BV10 WVUVN37886PV83, 483
VW1839BV10 WVWVN37887PB231, 263, 307, W8
VW1840BV10 WVXVN37888PV83, 483

Withdrawn Fleet:

Fleet No.Reg:Old Fleet No.Fate
VW1834BF10 LTEVN37882Sold to Atlantic Travel. Now painted white.
VW1835BF10 LTJVN37883Sold to Atlantic Travel. Now painted white.