VWH2697-2707 (VH38101-11)

©Peter Horrex
©Tommy Cooling


This batch of 11 was new in early 2015 to Tower Transit for route 212 from LI. The route was lost to Go-Ahead London a mere 5 years later, and Tower Transit withdrew the batch.

Six months after the loss of the route, they reappeared with Metroline and were to be used for the successful tender of route 306 from AH. The majority were diverted to UX to begin with, to provide extras for route U4.

Apart from one journey by VWH2704 on 22/11/2021, it was not until route 120 moved to SG that VWHs were able to move to work routes from SG. When one of route 120’s batch need servicing at AH, one of this batch or a VMH often moves to SG to replace it.

Something to note is that Metroline did not re-number the fleet in its original/build order, instead it was done on the basis of its reg plate.

Completed Files:

No completed files as of present.

Fleet List:

Current Fleet No.Reg:Original Fleet No.Garage:Allocated RegUsually Found On:
VWH2707BF15 KFVVH38101AH/SGBL64 MHA306, 120, E2
VWH2697BL64 MHEVH38102AH/SGN/A306, 120, E2
VWH2698BL64 MHFVH38103AH/SGN/A306, 120, E2
VWH2699BL64 MHJVH38104AH/SGN/A306, 120, E2
VWH2700BL64 MHKVH38105AH/SGN/A306, 120, E2
VWH2701BL64 MHMVH38106AH/SGN/A306, 120, E2
VWH2702BL64 MHNVH38107AH/SGN/A306, 120, E2
VWH2706BF15 KFUVH38108AH/SGBL64 MHO306, 120, E2
VWH2703BL64 MHUVH38109AH/SGN/A306, 120, E2
VWH2704BL64 MHVVH38110AH/SGN/A306, 120, E2
VWH2705BL64 MHXVH38111AH/SGN/A306, 120, E2

Fleet Notes: