Yutong, trading as Pelican Bus and Coach in the UK, initially produced a demonstrator in 2016, known as the Yutong E12. It ran with Arriva and some other operators in the North. 

In 2018 however, they produced a shorter, London spec demonstrator, the Yutong E10. It was numbered YT1 with the majority of companies it was with.

It debuted on the 9th of April that year, with Arriva on route 312. It worked there until 24/05/18.

It then moved to Tower Transit where it worked 25/06/18 until 01/07/18. It appeared only on route 236.

From the 18th to the 20th of that same month, it operated for CT Plus on route W13.

Metroline operated YG18CVS from 13/08/18-13/10/18 on route 46, alongside their existing E200MMC EV. It also managed to stray onto route 603 twice.

Abellio operated it on route C10 from 12/11/2018 until 05/12/18. The chosen type of bus eventually ordered for the route were Caetano E-City Gold vehicles.

Go-Ahead was the next operator, operating the vehicle on route 360 from 16/01/19 until 09/04/19, alongside the existing E200MMC EV vehicles.

Stagecoch WH were next, operating YG18CVS on route 323 from 30/04/19 until 25/05/19. The chosen electric buses for this route were E200MMC.

The final operator to trial the vehicle was RATP, who operated it between 18/10/19 until 02/01/20. It was trialled alongside the existing E200MMC EVs. It was numbered YE37000 during its stay.

It now lives on with Newport Bus, who originally trialled it in April 2020. It was apparently bought by then in late 2020. They were due 10 more by the end of 2021.